Step 1. 'Register here'

Name and address details of new user. We have 3 different versions in which we can onboard your staff.

Step 2. Navigate to 'Staff'

Once the employee has registered, the employee will first appear under the heading 'new registrations'.
Indicate 'status' in the heading -> 'new registration' and click on the desired registration!

Step 3. 'NAW' Details

Indicate the desired status to -> employee

Step 4 'Administration'

Adding an employment contract is important for the system!

Step 5 'System'

Indicate primary system group!

Here you indicate what rights the employee has within the system.

Step 5 'System'

5.1: Working groups [Customers] 
“parent company/subsidiary”  (Can you serve multiple companies) 

5.2: Departments [Locations] (If the employee may work across multiple locations, you can indicate this here.)

5.3: Departments [Department] (If the employee can be deployed across different departments, you can indicate this here.)

5.4: System groups [Rights]  (If you want to see the employee in multiple groups, you can indicate this here.) 

5.5: Competencies [Function/specialization] (Which different services is the employee allowed to perform within the company.)

Step 6 'NAW'

Send account: email with details of how you can download the app including the login details.
(Username Password)

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