View your schedule

Clocking different shifts from the planning.


Step 1

Navigate to planning

Step 2

See where you have to work
1. Scheduled time
2. Clocked time
3. Approved time

Step 3

Now click on “Overview” to be able to clock double shifts separately.

Step 4

Now select the desired service to be able to clock it.

Step 5

Now click on “Clocks”. Click here for more information about clocks.

Colleague overview

See who is coming to work or on vacation today or tomorrow.
This functionality may not apply to everyone.* (permissions)


Step 1

Colleague overview.

Step 2

View the overview of colleagues who will come to work here.

1. Name
2. Workplace
3. Scheduled time
4. Clocked time
5. Calendar items

• Scroll down and up for all colleagues.
• Scroll left or right for another day.

Location/workplace information

Get information from the planning about what might be important at that location that day. Check it out right here in the app!

Step 1

The service gives you several options.

Step 1.1

Icon indicates that there is something about the location that the planner would like to communicate.

Step 1.2

Icon indicates that there is something about the workplace that the planner would like to communicate.


If you press icons you will see the information.


Schedule your own service.


Step 1

Are you a self-planner and do you want to include a new service / workplace in your schedule? Then click on “Schedule yourself”.

Step 2

Plan several days at the same time!

Step 3

Click on the desired days!

“Max 7 days at a time”

Step 4

Now press department.

Step 5

Now select a Department from the dropdown menu.

Step 6

Now press service code.

Step 7

The start and end time are entered automatically. If N/A you can still adjust it.

Step 8

Now select a Service-code from the dropdown menu.