Holiday planning

See how employees submit a request via the app here!

In this 'holiday planning' tab you have a one-year overview in which you can filter across different: teams, services, locations & agenda items. 

1: Filter year
2: Filter teams (permanent, on call, management)
3: Filter services
4: Filter locations
5: Filter calendar items
6: Overview. (refresh page)
7: Edit calendar items

Add agenda item

Reason for leave description last “Ibiza”

“Visible by hovering over the item with the mouse, do not click” 

Click on the desired agenda item and then click and drag the days you want want add. 

Freely grant request

1:  To clear - "Delete multiple shortcut: shift pressed, click the 1st & last one”
2: Freely grant request – Leave of absence
3: Freely grant request – Holidays
4: Request freely granted – Special leave
5: Freely grant request – Grid-free
6: Request free – Disapprove
7: Request freely granted – Open (adjust individual hours)

 “Any 'agenda item' can be added!” 


You can adjust the hours openly! 

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