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You can create patterns for different purposes!

Filter by 'people'.
Filter by 'service codes'.

Step 2 'New pattern'

1: Check mark to indicate that you are creating a pattern.
2: Indicate the correct working group.
3: Indicate (fixed working day or scheduled day off)
4: Describe your pattern. (shift code, days, every X weeks, & week number)
5: Which system group.
6: Which department.
7: Indicate for which service.
8: Deviating from the times stated in the weekly schedule.
       8.1: Start and stop time of the working day.
       8.2 Indicate how long a break that day. (X minus)
9: Indicate the persons by 'double click'
       9.1: To add more than 1 person, click on the check mark group pattern.
10: Indicate when exactly the pattern should return.
11: Start date. (when the pattern begins.)
12. End date. (when the pattern should end)

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